Who are We?

About Our Intimate Rendezvous Events (Yes we survived Covid!!)

+ Just like the full moon raises sexuality, so do our events.

+ We, are Fullmoon Seductions, a private social club for swingers of all races that love urban swinging.  A few years ago, we ditched the big club swinger club we ran and concentrated on  a  more intimate, sensual event 4 to 6  times a year (Halloween, NYE, Spring and Summer).  The focus of our Intimate Rendezvous is Sensuality, Intimacy, Discretion and Eroticism. We call it the other S.I.D.E. of the lifestyle. If you’ve been to big parties and clubs you have experienced one side: lots of dancing, lots of drinking, a few swingers, a ton of gawkers, many cliques, a little drama and not a lot of intimacy.  With the other S.I.D.E., we try to showcase what swinging was before public  clubs.  We invite a few select and pre-screened couples, sexy single females, and several preselected and vetted single BBC men.  We have a rule that both halves of a couple should play at the same capacity.

+ We don’t call our events “parties”. We like to think of them as something more intimate and less public, which is how party sounds to us. We’ve been to lifestyle “parties”where the hosts don’t interact with the guests and or even play. There’s no flow to the evening. That is not what we setup. We create a flow, we throw these events for us as well, and we love to play.  We like to think of it as a romantic evening for our friends, new and old.

+ We create a sensual and intimate environments and invite 20 to 30 couples and single females.

+ We do not invite couples who are “on the fence”, who have “jealous” mates or who are not interested in at least soft swap play which involves the full couple.  The lifestyle is a woman driven lifestyle, if the woman is not leading the charge, there is a likely chance you will not receive an invitation.

+One of the most important things to us is discretion. We talk to EVERYONE who walks in our doors to insure they are actually looking to explore swinging.  Sadly, we’re probably one of only a few clubs in the area that screens their guest.  We do it to make sure that yours and our fantasy life remains a private, secret fantasy life.  In our thirteen years of being in the lifestyle, we have seen a lot of clubs with less emphasis on discretion expose their members to the scrutiny of the police and the public eye.  Our screening process insures that that never happens to our guests and our events.  8years of running events and we have never had an issue.

+ We do not have an open invitation for single males. We have 2 select single males on call who attend our events if our single female signup is +3 (1 single male) or +6 (2 single males). These are not friends or my homies. These are prescreened guys with great reputations.

+ Our events  cater to fullswap couples and single females and softswap couples open to fullswap opportunities. No one is required to have sex at our events, nor will you see us parade a “time” to have sex. but we create the type of environment that encourages fullswap play as the ice breakers get more sensual.

+ Our events are perfect for the single female looking for no strings attached intimacy in a safe environment. Our rules are designed for discretion and safety.

+ Most of our guests are Professional African-American and mixed couples and single females, but guests from all races attend our events.  We invite people who are not intimidated and enjoy playing with a majority ethnic guest group. Our events are not suitable for cuckold couples or ladies only looking for BBC only.

+ Our average age of guests is between 25 to 50 in appearance and energy. Appearance does not mean actual age.  We know amazing 60 year old swingers that play like 20 year olds.  We do not discriminate by age, but we do ask that guests be energetic.

+We do not promise sex, that is not what the lifestyle is. We invite consensual adults into an environment  of eroticism  and sensuality to indulge in their adventures as they choose.

Please read all rules before calling or e-mailing us.

Our Lifestyle Philosophy

Our lifestyle philosophy may be significantly different than some, and we encourage couples and single females to discover their own philosophy, attend other places and determine their own swinger style.

We consider ourselves long time swingers and very stern when it comes to the history of swinging. For us, it’s a private, intimate affair.  The lifestyle has existed for thousands of years, based on the principle of discretion and intimacy, and we see no point in changing that to make a profit.

We are not a fan of many large scale public clubs, simply because it is not geared for the swinger but, more so, for the gawker and voeyuer, and worse off for the those catering to cheaters and illicit behavior. Playspace is reduced to as minimum as possible to include tables, dining areas, and places where nonswingers (the majority of the visitors) to congregate.    We encourage those looking for more of a party atmosphere, are only looking for a girl to play with or are unsure if swinging is for them, to attend one of these clubs.  Our group is for those individuals who are serious about exploring swinging in an intimate setting. .

Few if any have any clubs have the type of screening process that we do. Most clubs operate on a basis of if you have heard about it you are invited, this opens the door for police, coworkers, family members and anyone who heard about it to attend.  This exposes your personal life to people with no real interest other than to mock, ridicule, hinder or, worse yet, arrest you.

We realized that our fun secret hobby began turning into a business for many a few years ago, and so we turned to catering to hotel and house parties that uphold the principles and integrity of the lifestyle.

We operate as a social club, which means just a few adults who get together from time to time and enjoy safe, legal fun. We have over a hundred members, and our events usually cap off between 12 to 15 couples.

Our events follow a tried and true pattern that we learned from other hotel and house parties and that we applied to upscale club. The early part of the evening is geared towards  mingling, ice breaker games and socializing.  As the evening progresses the games get more risque’.  Soon after, erotic fantasies begin to become explored.  The evening feels like an adventurous trip into an erotic wonderland as opposed to a club design specifically for dancing with a couple of beds for play.  Instead, we have an adult playland with a different theme each event.  For us, this is the most important element of the lifestyle, that everyone feels like they are free for the evening, and are not construed to the norms of society.